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Antifragile Money, Unlimited Opportunity

Check out why you need bitcoin.


Bitcoin has artificial scarcity. Network concensus rules allow a maximum of 21 million bitcoin, ever.


Not controlled by any one person, bitcoin transactions cannot be stopped.


Network incentives align to make the bitcoin network resistant to coordinated attacks. There has never been a successful attack.

Open Source

Every part of bitcoin is open-source and verifiable, as is every Metahash product, service and solution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Metahash is a company that is dedicated to helping people accept bitcoin. Most bitcoin solutions rely on custodial solutions, which means users do not control their private keys. Not your keys, not your coins. Metahash only provides self-hosted solutions that promote sovereignty of the individual.

We profit by providing the technical ability to properly set up and configure bitcoin wallets. Our most popular service is setting up BTCPayServer, a self-hosted, open-source cryptocurrency payment processor, securely and privately. '(Learn more at We think everyone should be able to use the best bitcoin applications regardless of technical ability. So we are bridging the technology gap by providing bitcoin software installation services of all kinds.

Yes, we do local installs of BTCPayServer, electrum personal server, and bitcoin core full nodes, or anything else you're having trouble with!

Yes, we work with remote clients. We can chat via video call and provide technical assistance via remote login or ssh.

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